Wish I wasn't here but I am so here goes...!

October 26, 2016 - 14:46

Hi there!
I was diagnosed with stage lll invasive lobular carcinoma in my right breast back in April of this year so I had my unilateral mastectomy the day before my fortieth birthday in May (how memorable). I'll be finished my chemotherapy next week and radiotherapy will take me up to the start of December. I'll then begin five years of hormone treatment and the rigorous screening programme for the dreaded "return". So I'm very much in the middle of treatment and feeling the challenge of this journey with cancer.
I'm Irish but live in Spain since 2012 and since being diagnosed, I have really felt the "loss" of my country and my people, which is one of the reasons I like reading the threads on this online community. Having cancer is a lonely enough place to be because I find most of the general population just don't realise what you're going through but missing the connectivity with my own Irish kin seems to have compounded that loneliness. In saying that my family have been a great support, and I have been accompanied for almost all my journey so I'm really not complaining.
Anyway as a way to cope, I started writing a blog, which has been a life-line for me and I wanted to share it here, if by any chance, it could be of support to anyone else, on this journey with me. You can find it at: www.thecancerdiariessite.wordpress.com
It's a cumbersome address, I know, but I'm not too savvy when it comes to techy stuff. I made a mistake when setting it up and must find a way to change it soon.
Well I wish you all well and I hope to meet you on various threads. Déleanbh

August 7, 2017 - 20:13

I hope you are progressing well in your recovery and found support despite being so far from home. I am sort of just beginning 'the journey' have had my surgery and beginning chemo in 6 days. Let us know how you are getting on. Wishing you all the best of luck, love and peace on your journey. Galway123