Breast cancer
posted by clare81
03 November 2023

Waiting for results

Last reply: 20 November 2023 10:51

Hi, I had a mammogram last Tuesday, was called back in less than a week later, had another mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. I've got an appointment with consultant in 11 more days to "discuss where we go from here". 11 more days is a long time wondering and waiting. It sounds to me like the doctors know something, could this be the case ? And they are just waiting for the biopsy to confirm? I was told to bring someone with me on the 15th when they called with the appointment. Every day feels like forever while I'm waiting. Is it normal practice to be told to bring along support? I am 42.

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commented by Ned707
20 November 2023

20 November 2023 10:51

Hi Clare81,

I just wanted to say hi and hope all went well at your appointment.
I am only getting my scans done this week and the wait for everything is definitely very hard…

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