Breast cancer
posted by hippy
07 December 2023

Vaping after Breast Cancer

Hi everyone. I am a 14 year Breast Cancer survivor. Following my diagnosis I quit smoking and really looked after my health. In 2020 I finished Tamoxifen after 10 years and life was good. In 2021 my partner of 29 years died very suddenly and traumatically and I witnessed the whole event. I had evere PTSD and started vaping to help with anxiety. I quit vaping last month but I am now scared that the vaping may cause my cancer to reoccur. My mammograms have being clear but I am still really worried. Does anyone vape years after diagnosis. Is there any test I can have to keep an eye on this. I know blood tests dont show Breast Cancer reoccurence, I would really like some advice on what I should do.

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