Time waiting between referral and appointment

February 7, 2018 - 15:04

I found a lump on my right breast and went to my GP, she then found one on the left breast and referred me to the Mater breast clinic this was 3 weeks ago and I still haven't heard from them about an appointment. How long should I be waiting to hear? Going out of my mind

February 9, 2018 - 02:05

Sorry to hear you are still waiting. I would give them a call. I believe the waiting time should be about 2 weeks

February 13, 2018 - 14:38

Thank you for your message. It can be a very worrying time when waiting to be seen however it is important to bear in mind most lumps turn out to be non-cancerous conditions. I have attached a link with guidelines on waiting times to be seen in symptomatic breast clinics https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/list/5/cancer/archive/statistics/breast-..., this will give you an idea of expected waiting time to be seen based on the criteria you fit in to. If you feel that you have been waiting beyond the guideline times, you could contact the breast clinic to see when they have an appointment scheduled for you. The Nurseline is available on 1800 200 700 if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse. Best wishes