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posted by Helen75
13 November 2023

TC Chemotherapy

Last reply: 20 November 2023 16:14

Hi All,

I'm starting TC Chemo on Wednesday. Just wondering how other people have got through it - were the side effects okay or bad?

Also, has anyone getting this Chemo tried a cold cap? How did it work for you?





commented by Cancer Nurse
17 November 2023

17 November 2023 11:59

Hi Helen,

Thank you for posting to the online community. I do hope you get some responses soon.

You mentioned you were due to start your TC chemo on Wednesday. I do hope your first treatment went well and that you are doing ok. Chemotherapy can affect everyone a little differently so it is difficult to say exactly how the side effects will impact you until you experience them. If you are finding the side effects really difficult I would recommend discussing this with your medical team or oncology nurse and they can look at ways to better manage them.

I am unsure from your message if you have tried the cold cap but if so I hope it went well. It can be difficult for the first 20 to 30 mins but often starts to feel more comfortable/manageable after this. There is really helpful patient information available from the cold cap company. If you didn’t receive this yet you could ask your oncology nurse to provide you with the booklet.

If you would like any further support during your treatment Helen, we are all cancer nurse on the Support Line and can be contacted on freephone 1800 200 700, Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm.

Wishing you all the best.

Kind regards,

Cancer Nurse


commented by milly
20 November 2023

20 November 2023 16:14

Hi Helen
I had 4 TC and found side effects v tolerable. The meds they give are good for managing them so no nausea, some tiredness ( more as time went on) and for me oral thrush each time.
I used cold cap and was v pleased that I retained enough hair to look like myself. I didn’t find it too uncomfortable. Make sure to take paracetamol half an hour beforehand to get you through the first part. Chemo nurse will give you some. Had a bald patch on crown and thinning but managed with clips and hairband s. Hair started to grow back towards end of chemo but shedding lasted quite a while after which I hadn’t expected. Still managed to look like woman in need of a good cut and colour rather than woman who was ill which helped a lot. Check out the Paxman Facebook page. Lots of support and info from other women using cold cap and chemo info too. Also paxman videos about putting the cap on correctly. Best of luck with your treatment

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