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posted by Sarah M
26 March 2019

Tamoxifen prescription

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Hi there, just coming towards the end of my time on tamoxifen and the experience has been positive. But one thing that has been a pain from beginning to end has been the hassle of trotting around getting prescriptions from the GP or consultant then going back and forth to the pharmacy to pick the medication up... they hardly ever have more than one or two months in stock, sometimes they don’t have it at all, the GP won’t give more than a six month prescription at a time and ordering a repeat prescription can’t be done over the’s just a constant toing and froing over what is a very straightforward medication which I’ve been on for ten years and would only ever have changed at my own request. I see no reason why I can’t get a 12 month prescription at my annual check up and pick it up in one go, but every time I suggest this I’m told how it’s all for my own good... which I find irritating and paternalistic. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
02 April 2019

1 year ago

Dear Sarah M, thanks for your post, I am glad to read that your experience with tamoxifen was generally positive and that it is coming to an end. Im sorry to read about your frustrations with the process of getting your medication at your pharmacy and at your annual checkups after giving your feedback. May I suggest getting in touch with your local cancer support group, a list of these can be found on our website you may be able to engage with other women who have been through similar treatment to yourself and to discuss your feelings. I hope this information is helpful

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse

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