Breast cancer
posted by Christine Eichbaum
25 May 2022

Stage 4 Breast Cancer

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Hi, I have been diagnosed with stage 4 BC about three months ago, am on Ibrance/Anastrazole and starting on Zometa injections. Had initial BC four years ago, after that clear Mammograms. By chance they detected nodules in my lungs through a CT scan, and now have confirmed it to be secondary BC. It is also in my bones and lymphnodes. Would love to hear from someone in similar's an avalanche of treatments and a rollercoaster of emotions and thoughts...

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commented by ladybird
02 June 2022

6 months ago

I was diagnosed in Christmas 2020 with secondary. It is a rollercoaster for sure but once u get on the right path it will get easier. Positive living group is amazing.

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