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posted by dotgos
15 December 2019

Skin and nail care

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Hello everyone,
I was diagnosed less than 2 weeks ago and have my lumpectomy. I am due to start my chemo in early January and have been reading up to try and prepare for it.
Should I be getting a range of skin creams and nail creams now ?? I am back for some results tomorrow and wonder does the breast nurse recommend particular products or is it trial and error. Are there safe cleansers, nail polishes etc
Maybe I am mad but just trying to prepare myself, thanks all
Dotgos xx

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
16 December 2019

1 year ago

Dear Dotgos,

for posting. I hope you are feeling well after your lumpectomy. It is best to keep your skin moisturised during treatment, we would recommend avoiding perfumed products, emmoliant moisturisers are recommended. If you want to use nail polish It’s best to use a water based nail varnish. Don’t use false or acrylic nails during treatment or when nails are sore or damaged. Nails should be filed rather than cut. If you would like any further advice please call the Nurseline on 1800200700,

Kind Regards

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