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posted by CCPT
15 November 2019

Sentinal Node Removal

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I had the Sentinal node removed last week and 8 days later noticed a lump around the incision. The day ward I went to don’t want to know, my GP doesn’t work outside of office hours and the cancer nurse is the same. Was told to go to a and e and be prepared to wait hours, I really don’t want to do this. Anyone had this, hoping it will go away! Getting a mastectomy in a couple of weeks so it’s only going to be opened again anyway. From what I can see everytime a cancer nurse replies to a question here they just tell you to call during office hours. Obviously my problem has occurred outside office hours, otherwise I’d go to my gp!



commented by Irish Cancer Society
25 November 2019

7 months ago

Dear CCPT,

Thank you for posting and I hope that you are recovering well from your sentinel node removal otherwise. If you have any issues outside of office hours we would recommend ringing the hospital, you could speak with the nurse in charge, they should be able to advise you what the next steps should be. If you would like to speak with a nurse for any support or advice, the cancer Nurseline is available on 1800200700

Kind Regards

commented by CCPT
26 November 2019

7 months ago

I’m ok now thanks. I had called the nurse but unfortunately she said she couldn’t help. I was offered to try A and E but as told I could be waiting some time. And I didn’t want to go to d doc or anyone else that I dm didn’t know and have to explain my situation to. It’s a pity there isn’t any other help outside office hours, such a worrying time.

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