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posted by DaisyLane
25 August 2020

Review appointment after breast clinic?

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Hello everyone.
Hoping you guys could share a bit of knowledge.
I had some worrying symptoms in my left breast (dent in breast and nipple inverting).
My GP referred me to hospital and I had a triple check appointment last week. They did a breast check, mammogram and ultrasound. They told me at the end that my results were fine (other than a few cysts) and no follow up would be required.
However im after getting another appointment card in the post for October.
This one is an afternoon appointment which is when they do their review appointments.
Googling brings up nothing about review appointments, all the phone numbers the hospital give go straight to voicemail, and I havent had an answer to the email I sent.
Can anyone tell me what a review appointment is for? Im worried they've now found something concerning on my scans or now think the black spots on my ultrasound arent cysts after all.
Thanks in advance.



commented by Cancer Nurse
25 August 2020

6 months ago

Hi Daisy

I am sorry you have this concern. It was good that you were reassured that your results were fine. It may be because there are cysts there that your doctor would like to see you again. We would suggest you phone the main hospital number and ask them to bleep the clinical nurse specialist attached to the breast clinic for clarity on this. Generally if there was something your doctor was concerned about they would see you much sooner than October.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

commented by DaisyLane
26 August 2020

6 months ago

Thanks very much for the reply. I agree if there was something concerning I think they would pull me in quicker than October. That along with being told on the day I was fine is giving me some comfort, but as I wasnt expecting a follow up appointment im a bit scared they found something new in the back of my mind.
The hospital rang me back this morning, she didnt have much information (or probably couldnt tell me much on the phone) just that it was a verbal follow up to my original appointment. She did say if I didnt want to come back she could cancel the appointment, which I dont think they would do if there was something concerning that needs discussion. It sounds like a general follow up appointment. I just wish they would have told me to expect this so I wouldnt freak out when I get it!
Thank you for your assistance :)

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