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posted by Nala
28 August 2020

Recovered after Breast Cancer-medically induced menapause

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Hi there,

In April 2018, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, had Mastectomy- one breast removed 7.5 cm Tumour, then Auxillary clearance, port inserted, 6 months of Chemo and 15 Rounds of Radiation, on Tomoxifen. All good, thank God now.

I was 46 at the time and after the first round of Chemo, I was put straight into Menapause. I actually was having a period when they did the first AC round. That was it and I was put straight into menopause. I had unbelievable hot flushes, night sweats. I started putting on weight and I cannot loose it. I tried going back to weight watchers but not a's like my body has shut down and I can't get it going again. It's so frustrating. Has anyone else has this experience and were you able to find a way to get the pounds down. I always was able to do that with weightwatchers ( more so than Slimming World).
I have to say that the 2 issues are the hot flushes still....and weight gain. As you know, we can't take anything with Estrogen to help. Is there a way?! Help.


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commented by dunny665
07 September 2020

5 months ago

Hi Nala, I had TNBC last year, and have since had my ovaries removed. I can take HRT as my breast cancer was not hormone driven. I went to a menopause clinic ( I had a telephone consultation) I would recommend that you go to a doctor with expertise in menopause. They may be able to help you with alternative treatments if you can't take HRT. Best of luck

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