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posted by Johanna
11 June 2019

Reconstruction Decision ??

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Hi I am trying to talk to someone about Latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction (Tissue from your Back) I have had a failed implant and my surgeon in now suggesting this procedure. I would like to know the long the effects so any who has had this some time ago. I am only considering this as my skin is tight and teddered at the scar and very uncomfortable when I move. My mastectomy when very well but I had two additional
operations because of infections with the expander and implants. Any help would be great. ..... Johanna

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commented by maybaby
17 June 2019

1 year ago

Hi Johanna
I had the LD Flap with implant at the same time as the mastectomy in 2006, it was a great success except when I had the radiotherapy, the implant was damaged and i had to have the operation again in 2007. Unfortunately the second time around it wasn't as good, when I cough and bend the muscle contracts, there is a name on this but the male surgeon I had seen since the operation didn't seem to think it was a big deal but it is to me. The operated boob is higher as well and it is very obvious in some clothing which I tend to avoid (certain swimwear). I am hoping to have an operation and again and a lift to the good side as well but I dont know who to go to. it was unfortunate I had to have it redone, as the first one was a success. With regard muscle movement on my back and arm I never had an issue, I did my physio as instructed and it worked. Hope this is of some help

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