Breast cancer
posted by cal89x
10 September 2022


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Hi there,

My mum had an appointment the week before last as she suffers with cysts a lot. On the day she was told yep her cysts were back and they were drained and not else was done or showed up on the mammogram or scans. She said her doctor did mention to a trainee doctor. this patient has been here before, knows the routine and something about coming back in 6 weeks.

My mum then got a letter in the post 3 days later asking for her to come back in 6 weeks for another mammogram and ultrasound.

Is this normal? Someone had mentioned that this was normal procedure if they didn’t get a chance to chat to you on the day and there is nothing to worry about.


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commented by Jenni53
12 September 2022

1 year ago

Hi cal89x

I'd say they are just double checking things to make sure that what she has is just cysts and not anything sinister.


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