Breast cancer
posted by Gem
02 November 2023

Me again :(

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I'm going to the triple assessment clinic in Mater Private next Monday. I haven't even received a letter or text confirming and don't know what to expect. This does not fill me with confidence regarding the clinic.

If they don't mention anything to me about how the scans look does that mean it's bad? I'll be seeing the consultant on Wednesday so of course he will go through everything.

It's just...well you know how sometimes radiographers will say "all looks ok", if they don't does that mean there is an issue?

Also, what will indicate to them that I need a biopsy? If things do look fine, will they biopsy in order to understand my symptoms?

I'm overwhelmed and worn out with it all.

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commented by clare81
07 November 2023

07 November 2023 18:43

Hi Gem, how did you get on? Hope it went well.

Clare x

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