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posted by Sallyanne
09 November 2020

Mastectomy and reconstruction

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Does anyone have any experience with a skin sparing mastectomy with implant and strattice direct implant. I had wanted to have skin stretching instead but because I have to have radiotherapy the success rate would be reduced,

I have just had the operation a few days ago and am feeling very down - the breast implant looks so different to my other breast. Does it settle to look better when it heals? Has anyone else gone on to have surgery later on that worked better? Or does anyone have any words of advice? I know I should be focusing on recovery but am feeling so distraught with the loss of my breast - will it serve as a reminder that I had cancer all the time

Thanks in advance



commented by Cancer Nurse
16 November 2020

3 months ago

Dear Sallyanne

I am so sorry to read how down you are feeling but it would very much be expected to be saddened by the loss of your breast and disappointment with how different it looks. Very few ladies would be completely satisfied after their first operation and sometimes further steps will be needed. Your wish to ‘focus on your recovery’ might work better for you if you get the help you need at this time. As you have not heard from other ladies here yet do keep in mind that we can put you in touch over the phone with one of our trained volunteers from our peer to peer support group who has had reconstruction and so will understand what you are going through. You might also consider availing of our counselling service. You can contact us on our support line at 1800 200 700 Mon-Fri 9-5pm and speak to one of our cancer nurses about this.

Kind regards

Cancer nurse.

commented by tara c
20 January 2021

1 month ago

Hi Sallyanne,

I'm very sorry that you feel this way and I felt the exact same way after my immediate breast reconstruction 11 months ago, I was so unhappy with how it looked. No, it hasn't changed in appearance since then.
I revisited my surgeon last month to voice my unhappiness with the appearance and he just gave out to me, telling me that I should be happy with how it looks. I have gotten used to it over time and I am now looking to get a nipple tattoo which might help the appearance. Have you thought about getting a nipple tattoo?

Kind regards,

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