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posted by Colwal33
12 November 2019

Mammogram results different to last years results

Last reply: 8 months ago

Hi all. I'm just wondering could anyone reassure me here. I had a mammogram Sat and got told yesterday i need another mammogram as the image of my left breast looks different this year than last year image. They are telling me it's due to using 2 different machines last year and this year. But I'm so afraid. I've already had cancer in that breast 3 years ago and had all treatment. Anyone have any reassurance to offer please x

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commented by CCPT
15 November 2019

8 months ago

One thing I’ve found through this process is that they’re 100% honest about everything, no fake reassurance so I suspect if they’re saying it could be down to different machines then that’s the reason. Impossible not to worry of course but I think if they thought it was something they’d say it. X

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