Breast cancer
posted by Tee
18 November 2021

Mam newly diagnosed and terminal

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I am hoping someone can help me. My mam went in for routine apt in hospital for her heart (she hasn't had one for 2 years due to covid). They found shadows on her lungs which was not like something that would be found in the lung. It was found to be breast cancer and she has spent last few weeks in hospital and was transferred to the mater and then released. We have now got word that she has apt in Tullamore hospital next week. She is on oxygen now and very weak. The original cancer was breast but now in lungs and lymp nodes. Can you please advis of what questions to ask the doctor at appointment..they have already told her that they will not be operating but that is all we know. Thanks for any advice just a bit lost



commented by Jenni53
24 November 2021

8 months ago

Hi Tee

Sorry to hear about your Mam. Ask them what treatment they can give to your Mam and if she wants to know what her prognosis is.

Hope this helps.


commented by Cancer Nurse
24 November 2021

8 months ago

Dear Tee

I am so sorry to read your message on our online community. What an awful shock for your Mam, you and all the family.

We do have a book explaining breast cancer which has spread called Metastatic ( secondary) breast cancer on our site see here

This booklet explains the different treatments that may be considered suitable for secondary breast cancer. It also has questions at the back for your doctor you might find helpful such as:  

What is the goal for your Mam’s treatment

What side-effects should she expect and who in Tullamore Hospital can she contact if she is unwell at home

How will you know if the treatment is working

What support is available to our Mam when she is at home

There are many other questions you can ask. If you would like to phone our support line and speak to a cancer nurse we can discuss this with you plus the other supports that we have such as counselling, that you might find helpful at this time. Our phone number is 1800 200 700 and we are here Mon- Fri 9-5pm. We would very much like to support you at this difficult time.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

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