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posted by bmth19
01 April 2021

Lump under armpit

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to see if anyone can advise me please. I am 31 I have a lump under my right armpit, I have breast pain in the right breast and my right breast has become larger. I have constantly niggley pain under my armpit up to collar bone and shoulder pain into my right breast and every now and then I get a shooting pain right through my nipple and the pain takes my breathe away and i double over with the pain.

I attended the breast clinic on Tuesday in Beaumont. The first doctor I seen said it was definitely a lump and it was concerning, I told him all of my symptoms.
The second doctor came in and it was just like he was in a rush he said he couldn't find anything and asked me to point it out which I did, then he still said there was nothing there asked the first doctor to find he did and still said he couldn't feel anything there. And said he was more concerned about my left breast as there were nodules. The first doctor pointed out that my breast was larger and he ignored him, I mentioned the pain and I was ignored. He said he would refer me for an ultrasound but it was nothing. They said the wait for an ultrasound is two months. I felt so embarrassed and that I was being a waste of their from the way I was treated. Basically I'm just wondering if I was to be referred privately the cost and if they would do an ultrasound and a consultant. And if it is anything could I change back to private. I am keeping positive that maybe its just a cist and needs to be drained 🤞🏻🤞🏻 but I don't think I can wait two months for an ultrasound as the pain is starting to become unbearable and keeping me awake at night.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you x



commented by rjkmam
02 April 2021

1 month ago

Omg that sounds like a terrible experience for you especially when you are so worried call them and tell them you are still in a lot of pain and want a second opinion from a different doctor and your not prepared to wait another 2 months. Hopefully it will all be ok and you are worried about nothing but best to get it checked out. Call them. Do you remember the name of doctor I am there next week so if I get same doctor I can be prepared, I also have one boob bigger than other and also lump so have myself worried sick . Let me know how you get on x

commented by bmth19
02 April 2021

1 month ago

Hi thank you for your reply. I went back to my GP today, as I had a rash on the right side on my neck and over my chest (hoping it's due to stress, keeping positive) . She suggested i go to The Mater for a second opinion especially as they found nodules on the left breast seen as the wait is so long for an ultrasound in Beaumont.
And hopefully I will have the 3 assessment done on one day. I am also going to call on Tuesday to the private clinic and inquire wait time and cost as unfortunately my health insurance does not cover it.

I hope my experience doesn't put you off next week the first doctor I seen was lovely the second doctor that came in I didn't even catch his name he basically stormed in and back out again. The clinic was extremely busy so unless they were really under pressure!

I hope next week goes well for you, and you have a better experience than me and it is nothing to worry about x

commented by rjkmam
03 April 2021

1 month ago

So glad to hear your getting second opinion and hoping I don't have same experience next week as the wait is killing me already and still another week to go ,nights are the worst as not sleeping but trying to keep positive. Seen on other post it's about €180 to go private to have Mammogram. Hope all goes well for you let me know how you get on.

commented by Janob
09 April 2021

1 month ago

Sounds very similar to the experience I had in Beaumont, basically told me it is hormonal pain..I have a mammogram booked at end of April which will be 3 months after appointment

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