Breast cancer
posted by mylo0307
17 May 2023

Kinda anxious

Last reply: 08 June 2023 17:28

Hi, I hope it's ok to post, I found a lump just under 2 weeks ago due to my dog constantly sniffing my left breast, i know, sounds totally strange! I've had lumps and an abcess in the same breast before but when i felt this 'new' one, it just felt 'odd'. I made an appointment to see my gp on the 9th & she referred me immediately and said I would be seen within 2 weeks. The same breast sometimes feels burny, shooting stabby pains on & off and it can be intensely itchy. I am a fairly logical thinker and i am 99% sure the appointment will go well. I am in next Wednesday 24th at 10:30. So, all in all, its been quite quick from finding it, to seeing my gp and going to the breast clinic. I wont lie though I am quite anxious only because it doesn't feel 'familiar' like the other lumos ive had previously. Im attending the appointment on my own cause id only be stressing more worrying about the person waiting for me. I've no idea what to expect at this appointment. Am i right in thinking an early appointment would mean possible tests if they feel its necessary? As im going on my own, is it ok for me to drive IF they do a biopsy? I feel quite alone to be honest, im only 38 so my friends & husband are like youll be grand, itll be nothing, try not to worry. Its easier said than done though, i guess thats why im posting here, for a listening, non emotionally involved ear. Thanks a mill for reading. All support & advice hugely welcome!!



commented by lotusflower
20 May 2023

20 May 2023 01:13

Hi Mylo0307,

I hope you are doing okay, it is understandable that you would be anxious about your appointment. Think it would be good to bring someone with you on the day, just to chat to even while you’re waiting. Try to keep busy in the meantime. The Irish Cancer society have a number you can call to talk to a nurse and they will be able to answer your questions and ease your concerns. I hope all goes well x

commented by mylo0307
22 May 2023

22 May 2023 23:08

Thank you for replying. Only two more sleeps and I will have a fair idea what's what. Thank you again.

commented by millet
24 May 2023

24 May 2023 19:32

Hope you received positive news today. … thinking of you.

Currently impatiently waiting on my appointment x

commented by mylo0307
24 May 2023

24 May 2023 22:56

Hi millet, It was a strange appointment. I came out more confused to be honest. I was checked, they felt the 'lump' and others, she said it feels very glandular and lumpy, more than likely fine but needs mammogramming & ultrasound in a couple of weeks & biopsy if necessary....
told the other dr to book me in for the tests in a couple of weeks and grade it a 3.....what does that mean?!!
honestly, i felt like crying coming out of there. She was nice, thorough, dismissive & concerned all in one. I was hoping at least a mammogram would be done today but i guess they know best. Im just upset i have to wait longer to know 100% that all is fine in which im sure it will be but i was hopeful id be on here tonight updating & knowing for sure. I feel like im in limbo. My sincere apologies to those of you who have had a cancer diagnosis, i must sound so petty & childish.

commented by mylo0307
24 May 2023

24 May 2023 22:57

Millet, i meant to add, how long have you been waiting? How are you coping? Xx

commented by LilMissSunshine
28 May 2023

28 May 2023 16:54

Hello Mylo,

I was diagnosed during covid when I was 38 so I can empathise completely. Try not to worry to much at the moment, focus on your routine and keep yourself distracted. You did the right thing by going to the GP and you are in the right hands now with the hospital appt coming up. I would agree with bringing support with you, just in case. I was on my own when I had my diagnosis which was really difficult. Whether the news is positive or negative, you'll just want a hug either way.

Don't put yourself through too much worry or stress, be kind to yourself and remember the positives.. the doctors and nurses are amazing IF you need them!

Take care of yourself. Having a positive mindset is half the battle xx

commented by mylo0307
28 May 2023

28 May 2023 22:40

Hi Lilmisssunshine, how are you now? Thank you for the support, im feeling much more positive and calm now. Thank god! The weather helps i think! I hope you dont mind me asking but were you tripple assessed on your first appointment prior to diagnosis or was it just a consult and more tests done at a later date? Xx

commented by LilMissSunshine
29 May 2023

29 May 2023 10:27

Hi Mylo,

Glad to hear you are more positive! It is hard not to be when the weather is this good.

I had no lump that I was aware of but had been seeing a consultant from about 30 years old as there is a strong history of breast cancer in the family. I was at my annual visit when the consultant found something and then I was sent for tests. It was an mri first and they believed it was a papilloma. I then went up for a second check ultrasound. The radiologist did a biopsy that day just to be safe. I was told a week or so later that it was cancerous. It wasn't until they removed it with a lumpectomy that they discovered it was larger than it seemed and the margins weren't clear. I had a reexcision lumpectomy and once that was healed I had 4 weeks of radiotherapy. All in all from start to finish it was 8 or so months, finished in Feb 2022.

I was fine through the whole treatment and only took a day or two off after the surgeries and worked through the radiotherapy. My job was really accommodating for the appts.

My mum had breast cancer and she always said to stay positive, it helped her immensely.. so I did.

I am currently awaiting the results of 3 biopsies I had done last week as i have a suspicious nodule on the opposite side now. My appt for the results is 7th of June so I am a little nervous but it could be worse. I know what is ahead of me and the nurses and doctors are wonderful and take such good care of you. Believe me, if they think you are at risk of something, they won't keep you waiting!

Keep smiling, it will all be ok and you have every right to feel any way you want. If you get down, it is ok to cry but treat yourself kindly, no matter your mood until you have the tests and know the results xx

commented by mylo0307
29 May 2023

29 May 2023 16:57

Wow, you are amazing!! I hope June 7th is good news for you. Please keep me posted.

commented by LilMissSunshine
29 May 2023

29 May 2023 20:01

I wouldn't go so far to say amazing but keeping positive and busy helps. Don't bottle your feelings up, make sure you chat to someone so that your worries are heard. Hopefully your wait won't be too long and remember, the doctors and nurses are fantastic so you will be in good hands, no matter what!

commented by LilMissSunshine
08 June 2023

08 June 2023 17:28

Hi Mylo,

I got my results yesterday.. breast cancer in the second breast now. Thankfully the lymph nodes look clear, they won't know for certain until they remove some with surgery. It's like deja vu but best of the worst scenarios. I'm lucky, it is caught early again!

I hope you are doing well and are not as nervous. Let us know how you are feeling. You can rant, rave or otherwise!

How you have been and are still taking care!

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