Breast cancer
posted by emerbarry01
10 January 2022


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I recently finished chemotherapy prior to surgery for breast cancer. As the response to chemo wasn’t as good as expected I am now being put on a treatment called Kadcyla instead of herceptin.

I’m worried about the side effects of this drug.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



commented by Cancer Nurse
19 January 2022

6 months ago

Hi Emer

Thank you for posting on our online community. I am sorry you haven’t heard from other ladies yet and I hope you will soon.

No doubt you are disappointed that the chemotherapy didn’t completely do all that was hoped and we wish you the very best with Kadcyla. You may have looked up information about it and how it works and the difference between it and having Herceptin on its own. If you would like a factsheet on this drug we can send it to you if you phone us on our support line.

Meanwhile it is understandable that you are worried about the side-effects but do be reassured that the oncology team are well aware of the side-effects and how to care for you should any of them be problematic.

If you would like to phone our support line and speak to a cancer nurse we can talk to you about the common side-effects and the less common ones and what you can do to prepare yourself for these. As you will know with any drug there can be a long list of possible side-effects but thankfully these are just ‘warnings’ and do not all become a problem. Talking to your oncology nurse about how other ladies have been while on this treatment would be a good idea and having the phone number of the oncology day unit will reassure you their support is there.

We also have cancer nurses in many hospitals in our Daffodil Centres who can provide information, advice and support to you at this time. See list here

Our phone number Emer is 1800 200 700 and we are here Monday –Friday 9-5pm and we are very much here for you at this time.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

commented by Kobi
27 January 2022

6 months ago

Hi Emer I think I’m in a similar situation to you ! I’m due to start Kadcyla on Monday and I’m very anxious about it as I had a very bad experience with chemo (TCHP) . I’m praying that Kadcyla will be kinder to me ! Best of luck to you I hope everything goes really well If you did hear any good news stories could you share them please as I need all the positivity I can get !! K

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