Breast cancer
posted by Alisha42
13 January 2022


Hi I got diagnosed with breast cancer 8 weeks ago and had bilateral mastectomy within four weeks when I got the biopsy done before op there was no cancer in lymnodes then after operation it was in 3 of them 4th was negative I have since had to go in and get another op to remove lymnodes in left arm and get a few tested in right arm. They also had to replace one Implant as it has completely moved I am now at home 3 days afraid to move incase the implant moves again it has been an awful lot to take in in 8 weeks can someone advise me if the implant should be ok as I’m up the walls worrying and my back is killing me because I’m not standing properly due to fear of moving the implant wrong . I know it probably sounds silly but I can’t go through another operation I’ve to start chemo in 6 /8 weeks and I’m trying just to deal with this

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