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posted by jacqinthebox
22 September 2019

Hospitals with cold cap therapy

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Hi all!

Newbie here and newbie with BC Stg2 diag in last 2 weeks.

I'm interested in any hospitals that you may have seen or recieved cold cap therapy for hair loss.

On my confirmation diagnosis, my "Prof" laughed off the notion of cold cold cap therapy, until my angel of a cancer nurse injected and said it sometimes works, and "sometimes" is all I need.

Information in Ireland is not readily out there about this. I know I can rent one from an English company but is there an alternative?

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated on this.

I've yet to start my chemo, (in a few weeks) but I'd like to hit the ground running on this while I have the energy (and anger I guess) to scrap on to holding onto a semblance of the life i have. I know hard days are coming and i won't always be up for the fight.

So any ideas, lists, companies (like penguin in UK £££) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks x

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
30 September 2019

9 months ago

Hello Jacq,

I’m sorry to read of your recent diagnosis. Cold caps do indeed work for some users. It is impossible to tell in advance who is likely to benefit, but if they are available to you they are very much worth considering. Some hospitals offer cold caps, it may not be possible to bring a rented cold cap machine in to your treatment unit. Would you like to phone the Cancer Nurseline on 1800 200 700 to discuss what is available in your area?

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