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posted by Avril
06 April 2016

Holiday Insurance

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Looking for advice.
I have stage 4 Breast Cancer and usually post on the Stage4 Gals website.
How do others obtain holiday insurance.i know you are supposed to declare all details or policy could be declared invalid should you have to make a claim.
Woula appreciate any advice.



commented by evelyn123
27 April 2016

3 years ago


It's a tricky one. If traveling in the EU once you have your EHIC card you are covered if you need hospital treatment. When I traveled to the States last year they said I wouldn't be covered if the treatment I needed related to my illness but everything else was. Although when we were there my sister got a really bad throat infection and the hotel sent her to the local hospital. She got great care and they never even looked for her travel insurance or anything. Not sure if she was just lucky or if that is standard. Not really much help I suppose. Like you I have stage 4 BC.

commented by Avril
10 May 2016

3 years ago

Thank you so much for getting back to me.
you hear a lot of people saying it is so difficult to get insurance.
I was being overcautious and actually got insurance from an English company.
I panicked! Completely.
Hope you are doing o.k.

commented by MaryB
13 June 2016

3 years ago

Hi Avril, Just wondering who the UK firm was that you got travel insurance from? I rang around a lot of companies and could only get cover from one for a single trip which cost more that the holiday!

commented by Avril
14 June 2016

3 years ago

Hi Mary,
The firm was All Clear Insurance very pricey as I totally panicked[245 euro for family of 3] Single trip.Crazy money I know but I was afraid we would have to cancel the holiday and everything had been paid for.
So not sure if that helps.I have a friend in a somewhat similar boat to us and she just heads off with usual insurance regardless.

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