Hi Everyone,

As a 28 year old woman who is currently 3 months post chemo ( I did 4 rounds of TC for my IDC Stage 1 Grade 3) I am finding it difficult to adjust the idea of living sans wig. So I'm searching for an alternative.
There are hair integration systems available in UK with the likes of Mark Glenn Studio where they use a breathable mess that attaches to your own hair (I shaved all of mine off during chemo and now have circa 1 inch re-growth to work with) and they bind in a hair piece which lasts for 2/3 years but needs maintenance every 6 weeks. You can shower, swim, run your hands through your hair and It wouldn't move - you treat it just as you would your own hair.
Sounds good right? but I cannot find anyone in Ireland that does this. Given that there is maintenance required every 6 weeks going back and forth to LDN just wouldn't be a realistic option.

Does anyone have any knowledge or experience with this type of hair solution?