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posted by boobyj65
10 October 2019

Diep flap reconstruction

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I am 5 weeks over my operation and my tummy wound is still oozing. I have been to my GP and back to the hospital and they say all is OK and no infection but I am still worried as to why it's taking so long to heal. It's not oozing in the whole area just a small area but just wondered if there is anyone out there who can share with me if they had similar experience. Tummy still feels tight and swollen and I am a bit concerned. I have been and am on 2 weeks course of antibiotics just for caution but these will finish soon. Just looking for reassurance. Any advice would be most appreciated.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
11 October 2019

4 months ago

Dear boobyyj65,

Thank you for posting. It is of course worrying when you feel that recovery is slow but bear in mind the amount it time it takes wounds to heal varies from person to person. A DIEP reconstruction is a major surgery and It can take about 6 to 8 weeks to recover from it. It's important to take the time you need to heal. It is good that you sought out the opinions from your surgeon and GP about your concerns and that they are happy with your progress. The Nurseline is available on 1800200700 if you would like to speak with a nurse for any advice,

Wishing you well in your recovery,

Cancer Nurse

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