Breast cancer
posted by Debbie Harrington
30 May 2022

DIEP Breast Reconstruction

Last reply: 02 October 2022 21:41

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last September and had a mastectomy, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and I am now on Hormone Therapy. All along I was adamant that I wanted Breast Reconstruction but after my appointment with the Plastic Surgeon last week I am now not so sure. I am exhausted after nearly a year of treatment and just don't know how I could face, voluntarily, into another surgery. I believe the procedure is around 5 - 7 hours long and there is quite a long recovery time. I am also worried about the side effects. I am on Tamoxifen and would be worried about the risk of blood clots etc. I would love to hear from anyone else in the same position or anyone that has had Breast Reconstruction and if you honestly felt it was worth it? Thank you.



commented by pamy
31 May 2022

31 May 2022 12:11

Heya I've been getting breast cancer treatment since last June & am now on tamoxifen which I'm suffering side effects. I am waiting for breast reconstruction too but know my body is too weak at the moment. Its not long since your treatment & I think for me anyway there is no rush for reconstruction. Even if you wait a year or 2 for the body to fully heal & be back to yourself. I didn't know the operation was that long & it sounds like a person would want to be fairly healthy & recovery time would be much faster.

commented by Greenday
02 October 2022

02 October 2022 21:41

I had a double mastectomy and implant reconstruction immediately. The whole procedure took 2.5 hours but i spent an hour or so in recovery. the drains that you have to wear for 2 weeks would be the most uncomfortable part of the whole experience. I had to sleep upright for about 2 weeks on my sofa. I was so grateful i kept my breastfeeding pillow so that really helped.

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