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posted by joi_
15 November 2023

Delayed Breast Reconstruction

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Hi All,

I have opted for delayed breast reconstruction because I wasn’t sure if I would require radiation post surgery as well as chemo. I was a candidate for oncotype dx and was hoping I won’t require chemo. However, results came back I would benefit chemo. I am currently on ACT chemo regimen, would complete on Jan next year. It would be of great help if anyone would give me tips about delayed breast reconstruction. My Breast consultant advise DIEP breast reconstruction vs implant.

I need helpful tips to prepare me for this procedure , especially from those who have been through this.

Thanks a lot!

Kind regards,

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commented by Cancer Nurse
17 November 2023

17 November 2023 15:36

Hi Joi,
Thank you for posting to the online community. I do hope you receive some responses soon.
I am sorry to read that you are currently on chemotherapy but I hope you are tolerating it well and doing ok.
It can be difficult to make a decision regarding reconstruction but you are giving yourself plenty of time by reaching out now and getting the information you need before deciding. While you wait on responses from others who have been through this, it might help to look at the information on our website here on Breast Reconstruction. The Irish Cancer Society also have a Peer Support Programme where we can put you in touch with a trained volunteer who has been through a similar journey to yourself and can provide support and practical information that may help when trying to prepare for this procedure.
If you would like to be referred to Peer Support or would like to discuss any of this with one of our cancer nurses Joi, you can call our Support Line on 1800 200 700, Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm.
Wishing you all the best.
Kind regards, 
Cancer Nurse


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