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posted by Waterford19
09 November 2019

Currently waiting on results

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Hi everyone.
I'm hoping to get things straight in my head because I really need to cop on but my thoughts are running away with me. I'm a positive person usually so I know I'll be grand whatever the outcome. I have had a fibroadenoma removed when i was in my teens. so I'm thinking I'm probably in the same situation again. Found the lump. Got referred to the clinic and i had my appointment within 2 weeks. They did the mammogram as I'm in my mid 30s now. Followed that up with an ultrasound. That was grand. When I got into the chair they asked me where the lump was. I showed them the lower outer quadrant and then i noticed the mammogram up on the screen and there was a bright white triangle and I knew it wasn't the lump i was showing them. I had found a new lump a few days ago but thought it was hormonal. He told me he'd found another one and i told him I'd also found it a few days ago. Anyway they went ahead and did 4 biopsies of the original lump and ignored the new one after that. I wondered why. And why only biopsy one lump? They told me to ring back in a week. I'm thinking they're just really efficient but it all just seemed a little urgent. I hate waiting and I'm only 2 days in and I'm going mad lol.

I'd really appreciate any thoughts. I'm just a bit confused. Thanks in advance xx

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
12 November 2019

10 months ago

Dear Waterford19,

Thanks for posting your story. Waiting for biopsy results is a very anxious time and im sure most women can relate to how you are feeling. Biopsy results can take anywhere from 7-14 days to come back, it just depends on the lab, the breast clinic that you attended would have a good idea of the expected waiting times for biopsy results to come back. Please call the Nurseline on 1800200700 if you would like to speak with a nurse for any advice or support.

Kind Regards

Cancer Nurse

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