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posted by dotgos
21 December 2019

Contraception at 55 ?

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Hello , I hope this topic is appropriate,
I was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 weeks ago and have had a lumpectomy. I was advised to get my merina coil removed as my cancer is her2 positive, and had this done last week. I am so used to not thinking of precautions and had sex yesterday with my Hubble for the first time since my diagnosis. I am now in a panic as even though I am 55 ?? Was I supposed to take precautions, I rang my gp who couldn’t really help , and am due to start chemo in January . Has anyone any advice or am I worrying over nothing ??? Thanks

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
23 December 2019

7 months ago

Dear Dotgos

We are sorry to hear that you have had a lumpectomy and we wish you the very best with your chemotherapy. Regarding your immediate concern the vast majority of women will be menopausal by 55. However we would suggest you speak to a doctor regarding this.If you would find it helpful you can ring us here on our Nurseline today at 1800 200 700.

Kind regards

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