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posted by Rainbo
29 November 2019

Can I Query the consultants wait time decision?

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Hi All,

I have a lump in my breast and my GP has referred me to a breast clinic. On the referral my GP advised it is urgent and requested a 2 week wait for me. I have called the clinic as I have not heard anything and I've been advised I have been put on the 12 week waiting list.

I am worried as my lump appears to be growing. K want to get this checked put asap.

Can anyone advise if I can ring the consultant (or even his secretary/assistant) who made that choice to query his decision?




commented by CCPT
01 December 2019

7 months ago

Hey, I imagine your GP referred you to the clinic for a mammogram in which case it’s the clinic you contact. As far as I’m aware you get referred to a consultant based on your results. 12 weeks seems quite a long time, I had my mammogram within a week of my go referral. Maybe try your gp first? Honestly waiting is the hardest part, and there’s lots of it! X

commented by Rainbo
02 December 2019

7 months ago


Thanks for the reply. I did contact the clinic and spoke to a nurse who basically said that's it .. I have to wait 12 weeks. I took the name of the consultant who made this decision re the 12 weeks waiting time.

Really my question is can I call and challenge this decision with the consultant? I have taken steps to have a private mammogram done however should I need treatment I will need this done in the public system.

Thanks Again

commented by Irish Cancer Society
02 December 2019

7 months ago

Dear Rainbo,

Thank you for posting, our nurseline is available on 1800200700 if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse for any advice,


Kind Regards



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