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posted by Ned707
28 November 2023

Biopsy results wait…

Last reply: 23 December 2023 14:11

So I Finally got called for my mammograms and ultrasound over 3 months after 1st breast clinic appointment.
I ended up having biopsies on the lump and a lymph node.
Breast changes just keep coming :( lump increasing, skin dimpling and puckering, change in texture, unexplained cording and swollen lymph nodes…
I was told I’d be called back in 2 weeks for results.
I got appointment letter 3 days later but doesn’t mention to bring anyone.
Is this a good sign do you think or was it just an automated appointment and a standard letter sent….
Can reports be done and discussed so quickly, in 3 days?
Trying to stay positive 🙏🏼



commented by Jenni53
29 November 2023

29 November 2023 20:47

Hi Ned707

I suggest that you bring someone with you anyway as the letters they send out tend to be just standard letters. They expect to have the results back within two weeks but sometimes it can take a bit longer especially if they have a lot to get through.

Hopefully your results will be fine but if it does turn out to be breast cancer you will be looked after very well and breast cancer is very treatable nowadays with new treatments coming out all the time. Since I was first diagnosed over three years ago a number of new treatments have appeared.

Wishing you the best of luck with your results and let us know how you got on.

Best wishes

commented by clare81
01 December 2023

01 December 2023 09:53

Hi Ned707,

Sorry to hear that you are in the dreaded waiting period, it really is such a difficult time and your mind goes to dark places. I would suggest that you call the breast cancer nurses in the hospital and ask should you bring someone along.

I was told to bring someone, I just received my appointment over the phone (St james), and unfortunately I was diagnosed with breast cancer at my appointment on Nov 15th. However, I actually felt better knowing, than I did during that 2 week wait. I think my instinct knew it was going to be cancer. I have invasive ductal carcinoma and invasive lobular BC. I am having surgery in less than 2 weeks and radiotherapy in the new year. Then hormone treatmemt. All very treatable so I feel quite lucky.

In saying that, I know the goalposts can change as we go along so fingers crossed no new surprises.

As Jenni said it can be good to have someone with you.... even if the outcome is positive, the drive in, the wait to see the doctor are all very stressful. Support and distraction from a partner or friend will help you through that.

I really hope that your news is positive and you can get on with your life.

If you are given bad news, please remember that breast cancer is very treatable. Bring a notebook and pen with you, and take notes if needed, it's amazing how much you forget if you are told you have BC. Hopefully that wont be the case.

In the mean time, distraction and exercise helped me through the wait. Try to organise some things you enjoy, meet with friends, day trips podcasts, mindfulness etc. Anything to keep your mind from going down the 'what if' road.

Please let us know how you get on. I wish you well and hope that your visit to this forum is temporary.

Sending love and positivity your way. Xx

commented by clare81
01 December 2023

01 December 2023 09:58

Also Ned, your appointment would be scheduled before results of biopsys even come back, I got my appointment phone call the day after my biopsy. So results were not back from lab until the following week, MDT meeting few days later and then my appointment with consultant. These meetings need to be booked in advance based on availability of consultants, so they are planned in advance regardless of results. Xx

commented by Ned707
07 December 2023

07 December 2023 18:14

Thank you ladies.
Unfortunately it was not the news I had hoped for.
I was given the diagnosis today and will have a CT and bone scan in a couple of days and then they will decide on treatment. It has been such a rollercoaster to get to here but at least now I know.
Treatment won’t start until after Christmas so I can enjoy the time with my kids before I start.
Sending positive vibes out to everyone.

commented by Jenni53
10 December 2023

10 December 2023 18:05

Hi Ned707

I'm sorry to hear that you didn't get the result you hoped for. But rest assured you will be well looked after by the team. What type of breast cancer do you have if you don't mind me asking and who did you get as your breast care nurse?

Wishing you the best of luck with your CT and bone scans and with whatever treatment the team decides to put you on.

Best wishes

commented by Ned707
10 December 2023

10 December 2023 22:35

Hi Jenni53,
It’s Invasive ducal
Carcinoma and triple negative found in 4cm lump, grade 3, and in 8mm lymph node, grade 2.
I will know if it has spread elsewhere and what the staging and treatment plan will be on the 21st.
The worst part is being able to feel the changes and know it’s getting worse while waiting on results etc
My nurse is Rose and she has been just lovely.

commented by Jenni53
13 December 2023

13 December 2023 18:00

Hi Ned707

I'm delighted to hear that you have Rose as your breast care nurse as I was hoping you'd get her. She's brilliant and she was a great help to me when I was struggling earlier on this year.

I was diagnosed with Grade 3 Triple negative with lymph node involvement over three years ago. I had chemo first, then surgery and radiotherapy. I made a full recovery.

Wishing you the best of luck with your CT and bone scans.

Best wishes

commented by clare81
16 December 2023

16 December 2023 21:03

I am so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed. I hope that you are doing OK. It is an emotional roller coaster.

I hope you get some positive news on the 21st, will be thinking of you. Xxx

commented by Shellyk23
22 December 2023

22 December 2023 11:41

Hi ned, I hope your feeling OK, 2 days ago I was diagnosed with triple negative 4cm and waiting on ct scan and biopsy on lymphnode to see if it has spread there. My node is at 3.7. While I'm worried sick I was expecting it as I knew by radiographer she assured me it's a small area and can be treated. But then of course the surgeon with his protocol talk scared me to the point of fainting. He said the goal is to cure it but I'm just so scared waiting on scan. X

commented by Ned707
23 December 2023

23 December 2023 11:59

So the update is some more painful waiting…
I did not hear my diagnosis correctly at the first appointment. I am actually ER positive and Her2 negative.
I have been given Tamoxifen to start while I wait on a PET scan as they couldn’t rule out a few slight changes seen on the bone scan.
This can take anywhere up to 8 weeks but the nurse assured me she will get me in as quick as possible. (Christmas and new years will be an added wait)
The weight of hearing that, after expecting to go for in my plan and ready to fight 4 days before Christmas is just crushing.
Logically I know the important thing is to get all the information and then plan treatment accordingly for the best results BUT since my first appointment my original symptoms are much worse. First lump is now more than double the size.
So the fear and stress now is bearly manageable.
I went in to the appointment in full acceptance of having all and any parts removed to get me well as fast as possible to now having the possible goal post completely shifted.
Thank you both Jenni and Clare, your comments and stories have been really helpful… it’s such a comfort knowing I’m not alone.
And Shelly, I am sorry you are also now diagnosed. The waiting is such a cruel cruel part of this awful experience. After scans and biopsies It can take up to two weeks to get the results with the consultant who may well then send you for more scans. It’s normal practise to need a CT and a bone scan after initial diagnosis (so I’m told), which gives another up to 2 week wait to see consultant again.
There has to be an MDT meeting after each biopsy/scan etc and you will usually get an appointment the following week.
This has been my experience so far and I was completely unaware of the process and the waiting involved so I’m just sharing it in case it’s similar where you are. It helps a little to know there’s a possibility of the appointment not going as expected. The breast care nurses are brilliant and had me prepared to possibly expect more tests.
I find speaking about it all out loud almost impossible as I can’t say anything without crying so this space has been so helpful.

Is there anything similar online eg chats/online groups?

I will contact the daffodil centre again when they are back after Christmas…

Wishing you all a peaceful positive Christmas and the best wishes and lots of strength for the year to come 💪🏼

commented by Jenni53
23 December 2023

23 December 2023 14:11

Hi Ned707

You might find it also useful to contact the Solas Centre after Christmas as they offer various treatments free of charge and also free counselling should you need it. No doubt Rose gave you the leaflet for it. I use the Solas Centre myself and I find it great.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and lot's of strength for the year to come.


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