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posted by CeCe
22 February 2019

Areola Tattoo

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Hi everyone. I had breast cancer 9 years ago and had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with an implant but following radiation my implant was mis-shapen so I dedided to have it removed and my breast built up over the years with fat grafting. In October 2017 I completed my last fat graft and my boobs are amazing. I had my nipple reconstructed at the same time. I had a aerola tattoo done last year with semi-permanent medical grade tattoo. Since then my reconstructed breast has dropped down and the nipple is not in line with my real nipple on my right breast. I have since purchased a custom made nipple for my reconstructed breast from pink perfect prosthetic nipple, absolutely amazing product. My question is: how long does the medical grade tattoo last, as I want to get rid of the tattoo but don't like the idea of laser and was hoping maybe it goes completely from the skin in a couple of years. Anyone have experience of this?

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
08 March 2019

11 months ago

Hi CeCe, Thanks for posting about your reconstruction experience. I would suggest that you contact the CNS in the Breast Clinic who did your tatoo to get information on the time line of the tatoo fading for the particular product that they use in the clinic .

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Cancer Nurse 

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