Breast cancer
posted by blezzedray
10 November 2020

32 yrs Stage 3 Estrogen + BC

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Hi I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast in August 2020 and my life has changed ever since

I went in for an ekg in early July yearly requirement for my job physical and the doctor said that my results showed I had a heart attack he an I both agreed it was false reading but stated to be on the safe side see a cardiologist which I didn’t because I know I didn’t have one...little did I know this was a warning sign

Well in August I went for my yearly visit to the gyno and durning the check doctor noted she felt a lump on my left side the next week I was scheduled for a mammo and us then a few days later went in for biopsy an another mammogram

My result came back showed I had breast cancer I request to go to MD Anderson instead of local doctors. My mass grew within two weeks from 2cm to about 6.5cm my ki-67 is 70% my cancer is very aggressive I was very scared worried a would die fortunately I was but in the hands of wonderful doctors

My treatment plan is 4 ac every 3 weeks and 12 weekly treatments of taxol. I have severe nausea I am taking zofran and comp. I’m only on 2nd ac but my mass has shrunk drastically after my first treatment I do receive steroids bf infusion I started losing my hair after my second week of chemo, I’ve had night sweats and joint aches I do have a port installed on the right side of my chest since cancer is on the left

I will also have to have a mastectomy and radiation

Today I was informed from genetics test that My bc was gene mutation not sure if it came from mom or dad and that I might want to consider double mastectomy because I am now high risk and later on down the line I’m at a risk of ovarian cancer...I have 7 yr old daughter an at the age 18 will be screened for cancer every year

Out of all this I have a wonderful support team hardest part for me is the nausea, working full time , and trying to stay positive because chemo does cause depression almost everyday I have family or friends texting and calling checking in.

My mom is a two time Breast cancer survivor She had it in 2001 and 2011 (Had mastectomy in 2011) took genetics test came back negative technology has changed since 2011

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commented by Cancer Nurse
16 November 2020

3 months ago


I am sorry to read all that you have been through since August. It has been such a roller coaster for you. Working full time, feeling nauseated and trying to stay positive on top of everything else must be exhausting.

It is great you posted a message here and I hope you will hear back from others soon. No one will understand quiet like someone who has been through something similar. Meanwhile if you would like to speak to one of the ladies in our Peer to Peer support who have been through breast cancer treatment we can arrange that. We can also arrange for you to speak with a counsellor if you like. Here is a link to the different support. It is good your family are being so supportive and sometimes it is nice to talk to someone you don’t know also. Our supportline number is 1800 200 700 and you can speak to a cancer nurse here Mon-Fri 9-5pm.

There is an awful lot going on for you now and we wish you the very best.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse  

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