Hi all,
I found a large marble size lump over a week ago, attended my GP on the day who made the referral while I was with her. She said she placed it as an urgent referral and since then I have being going slightly crazy with worry. I can’t concentrate on work or anything really ... I havnt told any family as I don’t want to worry them. Attended the GP again yesterday as the anxiety is overbearing I havnt been sleeping which I think is adding to my slight craziness. So GP contacted the clinic to no avail and this morning I received a letter saying I will be called within 12 weeks
I’m at a loss and have no idea what to do .... I was hoping 2 weeks and due to my age I was thinking maybe within 6 at most. A 3 month wait just seems unbearable has anyone else had this experience or paid to go to a private appointment .... I can ask friends and family for some money but not hundreds