Bowel cancer
posted by Pagan123
22 February 2021

Waiting on results

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Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me here, I really do appreciate it. If TMI follows I apologise in advance.

This past year Ive been experiencing severe pain in my right groin area which bores through to my lower back. The pain radiates down my leg and up into my collarbone and arm into my fingers. I suffer badly with thyroid and thought this may be the reason for a lot of my symptoms and issues.

Unfortunately, in November I passed alot of blood through my back passage and my doctor referred me for an urgent colonoscopy which I underwent in the latter end of December.

I underwent an endoscopy and colonscopy under twilight sedation. I have no recollection of the endoscopy but the colonscopy is quite vivid, it went on for over two hours. Apparently I hadn't completely evacuated my bowel and my ascending colon could not be examined. The gastroenterologist located ten polyps on my colon which they removed one in particular I could see they attached two clamps, it appeared to be larger than the others and bleeding alot.

Two biopsies of my rectum were taken, two from my stomach and the polyps that were removed. The doctor said that she would make an appointment to investigate the remainder of my bowel in 3 months time and will see me every 6 months thereafter.

Unfortunately I didn't get to speak with anyone after the colonscopy and I can't get through to the hospital. My GP received notification that the biopsies were taken and they mentioned histology. I haven't received any results yet and have been doing alot of research and I'm beyond worried at this point.

In the colonscopy I could see on the monitor the polyps that were found were flat. My bowel has been causing me a great deal of pain and I am extremely constipated. It feels like there is some sort of blockage as my stools are dry whenever I manage to pass which is very little. My weight dropped by 6lb when I managed to have a movement last week. The pain has become more frequent and intense, my GP has given me pain meds to manage this. I am also on PPI daily.

I've cut out all red meat, gluten, sweetners etc. out of my diet. Prior to this my diet was very good. Im fit but not as much as I would like because I suffer with extreme fatigue and dizziness. I have the worst brain fog too & I get extremely & uncomfortably bloated.My bowel movements unaided are probably once every two weeks and I never feel like I completely empty my bowel. My GP has requested that the 2nd part of the colonscopy be escalated and is also going to organise a CT scan whilst I wait for the next appointment. I did ask the doctor when I was undergoing the colonscopy to see me sooner and she said that my bowel had been through enough and I had to rest it. Unfortunately I can't switch off my mind and with the pain I'm seriously worrying as I been waiting for two months for my results.

I would appreciate if someone can help or share their experiences with me as I am the first in my family to have bowel polyps and every story I read about them so far really gives me cause for concern.



commented by Robin
08 March 2021

10 months ago

Hi there.

I had colonoscopy last week. The surgeon saw me after surgery and told me he thought that he saw something that may need follow up surgery. I asked was it sinister and he said yes. My husband collected me afterwards. I wondered had it really happened but knew it had. On Wednesday last, same doctor rang me to confirm bowel cancer. I expect if it is sinister, you are contacted very quickly as I was. My file has been sent onto another surgeon who I am to contact this Wednesday if I don't hear from him. Symtoms were feeling nausea, no weight loss, blood after having a motion, only going on 14 weeks. Thought it was haemorroids at first. Also, sudden feeling of being too hot but then the feeling passes very quickly. We will see what the week brings.

commented by Robin
08 March 2021

10 months ago

One more thing, you have to be your own advocate. If you feel things are not ok, trust your gut instinct and your body.

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