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posted by sulky
15 April 2021

Virtual Clinic biopsy results

Last reply: 2 years ago

Hi all, I had a colonoscopy 2.5 weeks ago which was normal. 10 biopsies were taken and I have a virtual appointment next week for the results.
Do you think it being a virtual appointment that it might be good news? Would they bring you in if there was something detected?

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commented by Cancer Nurse
23 April 2021

2 years ago

Hi Sulky,

Thanks for posting and I hope that you are feeling well after your colonoscopy.  It is reassuring that that your consultant said to you that the colonoscopy is normal.  Due to COVID, appointments are now taking place virtually in order to minimise contacts and keep everyone safe.  The doctors will discuss your biopsy results and if any follow up is needed.

I hope all goes well with your appointment.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse.

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