Bowel cancer
posted by KD
27 April 2019


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I have advanced bowel cancer. I notice online that there aren't as many posts although it's very common. I am only 42 and a mother of 4 who always ate well and excercised. I have a braf mutation which is aggressive and patches moved to my liver, intestine and one lymph gland. Only symptoms where when liver began to hurt as my bowel tumour was very narrow. Chemo has rid cancer on the gland but is proving resistant elsewhere so I'm now on Cetuximab still and tablet chemo. It would be good if there were more post out there so I added mine.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
03 May 2019

9 months ago

Dear KD, thank you for sharing your journey and I hope you are feeling well on your treatment. As you said, bowel cancer is one of the more common cancers and I’m sure readers will appreciate and be able to relate to your story. There are cancer support groups available throughout the country where you may be able to meet other people and also to provide support to you and your family. If you would like to speak with a nurse for any advice or support, our number is 1800 200 700

Kind regards

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