Bowel cancer
posted by Masterson
22 December 2020

Stage 4 Bowle and liver cancer

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sorry to ask but a family member has been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel and liver cancer, we have been advised its incurable but can be controlled with chemo every 10 days or so .
hes only in his 50s and has no other health complications .
His doctor is positive but has anyone ever been through this stage ?

Many thanks



commented by Curious20
06 January 2021

1 year ago

Hi my mum was diagnosed with the same in September 2019 and she is flying it! Yes it has taken its toll on her but she's doing amazing. Chemo every 2 weeks but not too harsh on her and they are positive can control it for many many years.
Wishing your relative the very best of luck x

commented by Leo1
10 February 2021

11 months ago

Hi I was diagnosed with Stage 4 2 years ago aged 47, recurrent colon cancer. I have Mets to my liver and other areas and I’ve been borderline rescectable so I’m just praying this latest chemo and targeted therapy will work. My advice, find out as much as you can and get a second opinion. You can have ablation and Sirt to get rid of liver tumours if you fit the criteria.

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