Bowel cancer
posted by Ciara O Connor
07 March 2021

Meeting Medical Oncologist

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My father was diagnosed with Advanced Bowel cancer in January, they think he may have a huge tumour growing for the last 5 to 10 years.He has just finished 5 weeks of Chemo and Radiotherapy. He has suffered many side effects and is on a lot of pain relief. He has no appetite and is loosing a lot of weight. He is very ill. I am going with him tomorrow to meet his Medical Oncologist and this is all still very new for my dad and the rest of us. I want to support him in the best way I can. What sort of questions should we be asking at tomorrows appointment?

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commented by Robin
07 March 2021

10 months ago

Hi Ciara,
My Mum had ovarian cancer. I used to bring a notebook with all the questions she wanted answered. I know there were some questions she did not want to ask or want me to ask.

Some important questions were :

Is weight loss due to chemo/medication?

Go thru medications and side effects, are there alternatives available that may not make your Dad so sick?

Follow up treatment available, when will it be?

List Tests and find out results

Write down any terms you are not familiar with and ask the doc to explain them.

Make note during the meeting and briefly read over to check you got everything

Check that your Dad has had all his questions answered.

It's very difficult to do all of this but the priority is finding out only what your Dad is ready to hear.

My Mum did not want to know and although it made supporting her tricky, it was her call.

I hope you have good news tommorrow. Warm wishes Robin

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