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posted by mairead33
01 April 2019

Ileostomy reversal

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I am presently recovering from rectal cancer surgery December 2017 and had an ileostomy reversal in April 2018. As my bowel motions are still quite erratic I would like to connect with others who have had an ileostomy reversal experience to ascertain perhaps how long it took for the bowel motions to settle or what their experience has been. Thank you.



commented by Irish Cancer Society
03 May 2019

2 years ago

Dear Mairead, thank you for your post. I hope you are recovering well after your surgery. We have peer support volunteers that we may be able to connect you with, if you want to call us our number is 1800200700 we should be able to organise this.

Kind regards

commented by mairead33
10 August 2019

2 years ago

Well has anybody heard of LARS, Low Anterior Resection Syndrome, which is precisely what I have, following reversal of ileostomy April 2018. Unfortunately I have had to do an awful lot of research on the internet to find some information on how I might cope with this quality of life compromising complaint. I see no mention of it on this website or any Irish website really for that matter. I did finally find a closed Facebook page with members suffering from Lars, which finally has made me feel that I am not alone, as I was feeling that I was the only Irish person with this issue. Does nobody talk about it, suffer in silence or what. Is there no help, advice to be obtained here? After all bowel cancer is quite common, yet there seems to be silence on the aftermath of surgery, ostomy reversal etc.
I am grateful for the fact that I am cancer free and tribute must be paid to the wonderful medical team that treated me. This goes without saying.

As my cancer was diagnosed through the home screening kit and was a T3 tumour plus Lymhnodes 1I am also wondering why 2 years previously when following tusing the same home screening kit I was told I had no evidence of any disease. I believe it takes up to at least 6 years for polyps to grow cancerous, so it's obvious in that case that there was something wrong. Roll out of colonoscoues after a certain age are to my mind a much better detection system and would in the long run save the health system alot of money as the polyps would be detected on time. Food for thought.

commented by AWedge
16 April 2020

1 year ago

Mairead, I have read your email and COMPLETELY share your frustration at the lack of information and acknowledgement of poor quality of life following an ilostomy reversal. My surgery removed a significant part of my rectum and am tormented by LARS. I think that I am behind you in my journey as I had my reversal surgery December 2019. I wish that someone had told me that it would be this hard. I semi understand why they dont as you need something to focus on when going through Surgery, chem recovery etc but I like to have all the facts and like you said this has a significant impact on my quality of life!

commented by Irish Cancer Society
13 August 2019

2 years ago

Dear Mairead33,

Thank you for your post about your diagnosis of LARS after your surgery, it of course must have a huge impact on your life and I hope you are keeping well otherwise. I’m glad to read that you are cancer free after your surgery. Thank you for your feedback on our website as it will inform us when updating our information. If you would like any guidance to reputable websites for information or any advice please contact us on the Nurseline on 1800200700 or email and we will be able to help you. We would recommend speaking with your medical team about your concerns about your previous negative screening test, they are in the best position to answer those questions for you. Bowel Screen manage the screening service, I have attached a link below to their website for further information about this service.

I hope this information is helpful

Kind Regards

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