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posted by Tamz
10 March 2020

Worrying about nothing?

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I had an MRI on my lower back which shows arthritis and the GP said they also mentioned some thickening of the lining of my womb. Ultrasound last year for a cyst showed everything was fine. My GP told me that this was nothing to panic about, there’s no tumors or anything this is something that just needs follow up and I may need a D&C. I looked back at my dates and noted I was ovulating around the time of the MRI. Regardless, I am
In panic mode. Am I worrying for nothing??

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commented by Cancer Nurse
16 March 2020

1 year ago

Dear Tamz

We are sorry that you feel anxious however your GP has explained that your MRI showed arthritis. Thickening of the lining of the womb is a common problem for women and your GP has explained that a D&C might help with this. Your GP has said that there is no need to worry so we would advise you to take reassurance from your GP’s advice.

Kind regards  


Cancer Nurse

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