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posted by Frodo
05 December 2020

Worried, awaiting tests (bladder, kidney?)

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Hi, I am male, 46 and recently had visible blood in my urine (it occurred on one day and in two occasions of urination).

Ever since, I have had frequent urination, pressure/pain in the bladder/abdomen and just generally feeling unwell. I went to my doctor the day after i had blood in my urine and he did a manual check of my prostate and said everything seemed ok. There was no sign of any infection but i was put on a precautionary course of antibiotics.

My blood tests came back and my doctor said that they found no cause for my symptoms and has referred me on to a Urologist (who I am still waiting to see). I also had an ultrasound and all that showed up was a small kidney cyst that the sonographer said wasn't anything to worry about. I am up the walls with worry and am finding the uncertainty unbearable. I am tormenting myself on google wondering what kind of terminal illness could be at the root of this.

I would really appreciate any feedback from anyone who has gone through this.

Thank you

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commented by Cancer Nurse
14 December 2020

5 months ago

Hi Frodo,Thank you for posting and I am sorry to read what is happening for you.  It is common to feel worried when you are not feeling well and there is an unexplained cause.It is good that you visited your GP when you had the blood in the urine, it must be reassuring that when they examined your prostate it was normal and that your blood tests were normal too.  When you visit the urologist, they will discuss with you why they think you are having those symptoms and if any further tests and investigations need to be done.  Perhaps in the meantime, you could discuss with your GP that you are worried that you have cancer,  they can explain what they think the cause of your symptoms are, your test results so far and why they have referred you to a urologist,  this may give you reassurance to help ease your worry.  

Please don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 200 700 in the meantime if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse for any information or advice, we are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

 Kind regards, 

Cancer nurse


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