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posted by Amaru124
28 March 2021

Tonsil concerns

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Hi, I am worried about my right tonsil. It seems to have got bigger recently but not swollen if that makes sense. It's opened up at the top and is when you compare both tonsils it's not even a defined shape, just bits of circular tissue. I have been having chest pains and pus pockets behind my tonsils so I have been on calvepen for 4 days and there is no difference. I am worried as there is a red nodule hidden above the misshapen tonsil, very sore and very hard to see. Also my soft palate seems like it is swollen and lower down and my uvula has a transparent coating to it. I am worried about hpv cancer of the tonsil as it is so odd the way it is growing so randomly and antibiotics are not having any effect. Any advice for this?



commented by Amaru124
29 March 2021

1 month ago Here are some pictures.

commented by Amaru124
29 March 2021

1 month ago Updated link showing red spot hidden from view. Very sore.

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