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posted by Galwayauldwan
25 November 2019

The Terror of waiting

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Hi all , I hope its OK to post here. My Hubby is 59 and last Thursday he had a scope procedure, they discovered a lump in his oesophagus. A biopsy was taken and a CT TAP scan was completed on Friday. So its Monday we are both in work in respective jobs . He was OK over the weekend -saying we dont know what it is ect. I am absolutely terrified - I have not told him this- I cant i need to be strong for him and our 2 sons (both grown up) So I'm posting here just so i can get it out. I have worked with Medical devices for years including esophageal stents so i probably have seen too much. so we wait. But I dont know how to wait without cracking up :( .

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
26 November 2019

1 year ago

Dear galwayauldwan,

Thank you for posting,I'm sorry to read of your worry. It can be quite an anxious time waiting for test results. If you would like to speak with a cancer nurse for any support or advice, our telephone number is 1800200700.

Kind Regards

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