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posted by aroche747
05 September 2019

osephageal cancer

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Hi there my mam has just finished her six week radium and chemo treatment for an 8cm tumour on her osephagus . it was treated with curable intent but since mam has finished treatment there doesent see to be an improvement in her yet is this normal she flew trough the treatment but appears worse since its finished.. The radium doc said it the radium would be in her system for 6 to 7 weeks we have a scan in two weeks we are very worried.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
06 September 2019

5 months ago

Dear aroche747,

Thank you for posting your story. Im sorry to read of your mams diagnosis of oesphageal cancer, as you said it is a very worrying time. It is quite common for patients to feel the effects of their chemo radiation after their treatment has finished, the side effects continue to get worse throughout treatment and generally start to improve a couple of weeks after treatment finishes. Most patients recover in about two months after the treatment has finished. If you have concerns for your mam, we would suggest contacting her medical team for advice. Please call the nurseline on 1800200700 if you would like to speak with a nurse for any advice or support,

Kind Regards,

Cancer Nurse 

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