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posted by smcpadden
05 December 2019

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My father was diagnosed about 4 years ago with lung cancer. He’s also suffered with emphysema for longer. He managed at home for the past few years with my mothers care. Over the past few months his health had deteriorated. Upon our last appointment they told us he wasn’t well at all and could be a matter of weeks. He was admitted to St Mary’s yesterday and was in good spirits that they can fix him. We know at this stage there isn’t a lot they can do, but are going along with his expectations things might get a bit better. It’s been a sad experience that comes in waves. He’s very much still with it mentally. I just wanted to share and perhaps here from others who have had this experience.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
10 December 2019

7 months ago

Dear smcpadden

I am sorry to hear that your Dad’s health has deteriorated. If you would like to ring our Nurseline at 1800 200 700 you could speak to a cancer nurse and we will endeavour to support you through this difficult time.

Kind regards  

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