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posted by MIKEWALSH
10 November 2021

Mouth cancer

Hello Folks,

I had 35 sessions of Radiation and 6 Chemo for cancer in my 'lower back tongue leading to tonsil' which I finished in early October 2021. {last month}.
I've lost 3 stone ( i.e40 pounds or 18 kg).
I can only take Fortisip - liquid food and my taste has changed terribly. I feel that the mucus membrane is gone from my mouth and throat and so it's hard to deal with any food. I find it to be a lonely place as there is not much follow up from my consulting team which is because they presumably are waiting for the treatment to do its job for the first months.
I'd love to hear from other people who have a similar experience to mine and if they have any advice regarding my worries about taste and eating and when I can expect results of treatment and anything else they might feel I should know.

Kind regards


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