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posted by biddyq
30 January 2021

Hip fracture in Bone Cancer

Last reply: 3 months ago

Good morning folks. My husband has suspected fracture in his hip due to Bone Cancer. Anyone have any experience of this please and what treatment was given. He is stage 4. He has just been brought to hospital in an ambulance as could not even stand up pain was so bad.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
08 February 2021

3 months ago

Hi Biddy,


I’m very sorry to read about your husband, it must have been an awful time for you both with the suspected hip fracture, I hope your husband is feeling better after going to the hospital.  The doctors in the hospital will perform investigations such as x-rays and scans to assess your husband and confirm the diagnosis.  They will also take into consideration your husbands general health and from there they will be able to advise the most appropriate treatment for him, they may recommend surgery or conservative treatment.  Biddy, please don’t hesitate to call our support line on 1800 200 700 if you would like any further advice or support.


Kind regards,


Cancer nurse.


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