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posted by PN
21 December 2020

Bile Duct Cancer -Cholangiocarcinoma

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Hi -I'm only writing this as I find it impossible to talk about it to anyone.
I was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma in November 2019. I had surgery on the affected bile duct and liver re-section in December 2019.
I've had follow-up scopes and bowel biopsies since then, with the most recent blood tests for tumor markers a few weeks back. As the blood tests are done in batches the results are due around now.
I missed two calls from the hospital (I didn't have my phone on me) and I suspect the calls are related to the blood test results. I've deliberately not tried to ring back as I don't want to hear any bad news before Christmas.
I'm due back in January anyway for more scans.

I'm finding the stress very tough at the moment and I've had more or less no contact with anyone, outside my immediate family since the first Covid lockdown in March as I've been (lucky enough) to be working from home since then.
Just want to get through Christmas and face up to it again in January.

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commented by Vision
23 December 2020

4 months ago


Just read ur post there. It sounds very tough what you're going through. I had bc in 2005 and was diagnosed in August this year with bc in other breast. Have had mastectomys both time. It's so difficult with the virus around and there isn't many people there for support, iv only had 2 people who were able to b there for me. Now Christmas is here which I usually love but it feels so different now because of everything. Its a scary time to be going through this illness in the midst of the virus. I do hope u enjoy Christmas and try not to worry.

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