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posted by Saski
07 August 2020

Biopsy results

Last reply: 1 year ago

Everyone today I had a mamagram and ultrasound biopsy I was told it was probably just fibroid I didn't really understand I got three samples taken I didn't want to ask any questions as the pandemic they said they would call me I have it in my head its fine but am I being silly trying not to think about it and how long will it take for them to call thanks so much for any help

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commented by Cancer Nurse
10 August 2020

1 year ago

Hi Saski,

Thank you for posting.  Many women often feel worried and distressed when they discover a breast lump, especially while waiting for biopsy and test results, it is a natural reaction.  Thankfully most breast lumps are non-cancerous.  A fibroid is a non - cancerous growth in the breast, it is a very common condition in women.  The samples taken from your breast will be examined further in the lab, by doing this the doctors will be able to confirm the diagnosis.  It usually takes 2 – 3 weeks for biopsy results to come back, this is often very stressful waiting, it may help to speak with family and friends about how you are feeling.  Our cancer Nurseline is also available on 1800 200 700, you can have a chat with us about what is going on, we would like to support you in any way we can.


Kind regards,


Cancer nurse

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